Nope ★★★★★

Finally, an effective horror blockbuster!

Jordan Peele smashed it out of the park in his latest film. The comparisons to Jaws are totally validated because the suspense involved was that same level of masterclass. Horror takes a lot to affect me nowadays and this was the first to do it since Hereditary. A lot of the scenes in this are already clinging to my memory. The characters were also super fun and engaging although there’s one choice near the end from one of the lesser characters that didn’t totally work for me - but other than that it’s thumbs up across the board for me! Peele really paid attention to the mantra “show, not tell” and ran with it with expertise. The sound design was also insane! Great stuff, can’t wait for a rewatch. But, please, for the love of god people, don’t fuck with chimpanzees.

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