The Northman

The Northman ★★

What a disappointment. 

I love The VVitch
I love The Lighthouse
So what the fuck is this Robert?

The bit where he catches the spear one handed and the bit where they play quidditch are legendary. But man this was a pain to sit through. And I wanted to love it so much!

There are a whole host of problems I personally had with The Northman. But, for me, it was the messy tone that kept getting to me. The jumping from scene to scene without a real sense of context. One minute it feels like a typical epic with a distinct sense of structure, the next minute it’s all very metaphysical.

The lack of thought from Hamlet or whatever his name was going into this revenge led to what feels like an aimless amble through to the inevitable final moments. We’re never truly in his mindset. So I never felt part of the story.

In his last filmic ventures, Eggers uses his emphatic, twisted and psychological visual style to purposefully enhance the atmosphere, building tensions, and ultimately towards a horrific sense of foreboding. There’s a sense of building towards something.

With The Northman - for a plot where this should be an easy feet - it simply feels weird and atmospheric for the sake of it, for the ‘artfulness’ of it. There’s no final justification for just how wacky and aimless it all feels. And I’m no expert in Norse mythology, so throw us a bone!! 

I’m vengeance

Favourite scene: quidditch

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