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  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    First time I'd ever seen this all the way through. There's nothing more that needs to be said about Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison but we as a culture need to talk about Eliza's dad. He's introduced like he's going to be a villain and then the movie immediately loses interest in developing him that way. You don't see him for two hours and then he shows up for a long song right before the end about how he wants…

  • Lovers Rock

    Lovers Rock


    Very good. I related to the woman who left the party early. I hope she read a good book later

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  • Men in White

    Men in White

    I brought a tape of this movie to a sleepover when I was 9 and my friends hated it so much they left the room. There wasn't even anything interesting in the other room. But they liked it more than this awful movie that I loved.

  • Clerks


    Copy I watched was in black and white..... think something was wrong w the DVD