Skyfall ★★★★★

This is the one I was excited for. It's also the only James Bond film I had seen before this binge for No Time To Die, and that allowed to have some idea why I was excited.

It's Bond at its best here. Roger Deakins needs no introduction, but he takes the cinematography into the real of intentional art, not just required coverage. The edit is right there with him with some of the smoothest transitions. J and L cuts everywhere making the whole thing a continuous journey. And the performances! This is the James Bond film that actually cares about acting, Dame Judi Dench especially. Absolutely stoicism. And Javier Bardem - I've never forgotten his name because of this role!

But it isn't just the technical merits of the film. But the way it continues the downward fall of Bond into a soulless killer up until he dies. It forces the audience on the journey with Bond to face his trauma and comfort the reality of his emotions. He was living only for the purpose of using his skills of violence where it was "legal". But after being broken down and hardened, he comes back as 007 because he cares. He cares for M.

"We face it all together at Skyfall."

Adelle pretty much gives the whole thing away in the opening song. James isn't just facing the bad guy, not just Silva, and it isn't really for the stakes of the world. Just for the stake of M. He faces that threat, while also facing his past. What started this hardening in the first place.

He was lost. But M brought him back.

That final set peace is perfect. Roger Deakins is the master of light and uses it in the most terrifying ways. Weilds it as a weapon to our hearts as we hope for Bond's efforts to be worth something.

And that's just scratching the surface of this Masterpiece. Got a lot more to say, that you can listen to on The Basement Binge wherever podcasts are found.

I hope Spectre and ultimately No Time To Die can continue this emotionally driven story of Bond. Because I'm loving it.

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