Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★½

I don’t know. The divisive nature of Korine’s cult hit here is perhaps what makes it so invigorating even now. Do you think it’s the perfect reflection of our shallow, hustler hive mind existence and how the bored middle class is pulled into urban danger seeking excitement, or is it a vacuous ninety five minute music video that has happened to stumble across relevance and somehow aged like fine wine? With Korine, there’s clearly no shortage of style, and it certainly has a lot of substance (in more ways than one) that exists and perhaps even penetrates our very zeitgeist; but is the repeated voice over of Franco’s actually brilliant pimp performance, pretentious monotony or a descent into madness? 

Or even, to both of these questions, is it both? 

It’s arguably impossible to sit on the fence here, so divisive is Spring Breakers. But I can stomach a splinter and somehow, I’m in the middle. 

Are you jacked on Jesus?

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