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  • PVT Chat

    PVT Chat


    As a wise man once said “Why the fuck would you show it to me if I can’t have it?!”

    However, this movie makes the concept of that quote a matter of debate, and by the way it’s a very good movie and one of the best independent films i’ve seen, i was already expecting it to be realistic yet it surprised me, it talks loneliness but from a different view, a realistic and a little shocking one. Speaking of…

  • Curfew



    فيلم مش بطال فيه شوية عيوب مش بسيطة بس إجمالاً تجربة لطيفة ومختلفة شوية، في كام نقطة بس حاسس اني عايز اقولهم.

    -إلهام شاهين ست زي العسل وهي اكتر ممثلة بحبها من جيل التمانينات والتسعينات.
    -احمد حاتم وهو بيقول"ده انا كنت بعمل حاجات في السينما" انا ضحكت تلقائي كده وكان ريفرنس حلو فشخ للمشهد بتاع فيلم اوقات فراغ.
    -دي ألطف مرة شوفت احمد مجدي فيها نظراً لإني مكونتش بطيقه بس دي احسن مرة شوفته بيمثل فيها.
    -والله العظيم امينة خليل…

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  • Mank



    Why did Orson Welles put Gregg Toland's cinematography credit alongside his directing credit in the final title card of Citizen Kane?

    I didn’t know that a film had to have all this prejudice about its main character, the thing which i’d have been fine with, but not when this is a real character, i’m not saying that a filmmaker shouldn’t let his imagination run wild for some time to make the story more interesting but not at the expense of…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    After the rewatch, it became clear to me what the movie was about, that it’s about self-loathing. That explains the feeling I had after watching it. I mean how difficult it is to see a person hates himself that much, that he even can’t imagine himself being loved by someone, he finds that he is intolerable, a subject of constant ridicule and criticism. He’s not trying to defend himself. On the contrary, he supports that. Some of the good qualities…