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  • Hagazussa



    cwen is amazing, i definitely underrated her the first time. also, watching this on a proper setup — it's never underlit, and while the orange-hued interiors are kind of a drag everything else is gorgeous, especially the oversaturated, virescent-damp mushroom scenes.

    in terms of plot and character detail it remains obscure nearly to the point of opacity, but i did notice the recurring goat skulls that seem to be guiding albrun (maybe visual shorthand for an immaterial presence, maybe actual…

  • Vampire Hunter D

    Vampire Hunter D


    no surprise this is directed by the same guy as FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: THE MOVIE as it has functionally the same energy in every way, down to the setting. love the bright red blood squirts tho

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  • Morgan



    you can't put paul giamatti and toby jones in the same movie lol you get one of those guys come on

  • Suspiria



    if argento’s objective was simply to overwhelm, SUSPIRIA 2018 wants to overwhelm with information, context, allusions - like a bloviating undergrad chatting up a disinterested classmate.

    loath as i am to spend any more Mindshare on this logy mess - worth nothing that both the fascism/nazism & the occultist concerns of this movie are present in SUSPIRIA 77. helena blavatsky (markos), the SS officers in the park scene, casting valli from EYES WITHOUT A FACE ... the remake merely shouts them at you. 

    SUSPIRIA 18 is essential viewing for people who find POSSESSION boring and “tonally uneven.”