City of the Living Dead ★★★★

s p l a t t e r

incredible score — when that lebanon hanover-esque track comes in at the end, as the cavernful of ossified corpses claws their way from the cold blue earth, kick drum leading into an 8-bar synth pattern ,,,, FUCK YEAH BUDDY!!!

also, as if it needs to be said, the gut-spewing scene is iconic. that, the comics-bright rotting baby, the hail of maggots, the brain-smooshings ... a lot of lovingly appraised fulci gore in here. the fisheye closeups of emily when her little brother encounters her are super unnerving too! i love that as soon as cigar journalist runs out of cigars he is dispatched.

true incoherent hell arrives at the ending, which curdles a scene of apparent resolution into literally incomprehensible terror. i remembered it as being a lot closer to the beyond, which it is, maybe, but only in spirit. apparently they spilled coffee (?) on the original footage so fulci had to cobble together the startling formal disjunction that the film ends on.

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