Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

if anything is as disgusting and incomprehensible as rape, it's prison — virginie despentes

a sentient reductress headline, a complete con job, a “rape-revenge” movie where two women are dead by the end but don’t worry the um - the cops will take care of this???? this is a perfect thriller for the #metoo era or whatever indiewire bullshit is out there rn - seeing as metoo was recuperated into an ineffectual marketing tool by a liberal establishment that will brook no threat to its power :)))))

i was physically agitated sitting thru this and that was BEFORE it takes on like a boondock saints tone for a couple scenes at the end ...... i would like to say here & now any random 70s rape-revenge movie is less disgusting. open, frictive misogyny > status quo girlboss scolding

to the whole cops thing: miss emerald fennel seed the genre is literally about women who murder rapists bc there is no other kind of justice to be found. it’s fantasy! the woman whose assault drives the plot isn’t even around to avenge herself - which means carey mulligan’s motivations are weirdly vicarious. when kier-la janisse said rape-revenge protagonists have the most elemental motivation possible, to the point where you never need to ask like “why is she killing this guy?” — this is the total opposite of that. grisly. also no guys even die. fraud!! fraudulent !!!!!!!

adding injury to insult - the titular allusion to brock turner is kinda grotesque. AND all for a movie that can’t even give survivors the catharsis of seeing a rapist die ??????? AND for a movie that puts its trust in the US judicial system to handle sexual assault haha. i know we’ve all been quarantined a real long time but don’t tell me y’all forgot the smell of bullshit!!!!

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