The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

The Green Knight simultaneously tells a story about mortality and liveliness, exposing its protagonist to the question of wanting to die with honor or being able to live without pride. 
It is the journey of the protagonist Gawain in search of himself. After a momentous decision made with juvenility, the consequences are initially suppressed. Gawain made the decision due to his obsessive search and his compulsive attainment for glory. After setting out on the journey, the young protagonist loses himself in his self-imposed duty to achieve glory, and in the end he is directly confronted with the consequence of his decision. Thereby the consequences in the question of honor and glory express themselves in the question of his life or his death.

The look of the film is - typical for A24 - outstanding and can impress with some extraordinary and beautiful shots. The protagonist's departure as well as the night scenes are so atmospherically staged that the steady camera completely captivates you.
The mysticism with which the modern staging of the story is underlined, as well as the diverse motifs in each scene, raise various questions for the viewer.

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