Captain Marvel ★★½


Brie Larson freaking slays and does her best with the material (even if she was sort of misscatsed)
Sam Jackson’s D-aging effects 
Goose the Cat
The twist with the Skruls 
That fight scene where Carol fist fights the skruls in the beginning 
Trying to commit to explore on themes like abuse, trauma, and finding self worth 


Messy structure 
A lot of a great ideas just kinda forgotten about as soon they were introduced 
the twist villain 
Most of the action is basic and standard 
Lack of development for most of the characters 
Not fully committed to it’s themes as it should 

I wanted to love this film. I really do. But this is the most conflicted I had with a MCU film since Age of Ultron. But even Age Of Ultron was more ambitious that I strangely admired a lot of more of the aspects that ended up working. This had so much potential to great (and there are plenty of good to great stuff in it), but it was caught up with so much nonsense that it wasn’t fully committed with its complex themes and ideas (something Guardians of the Galaxy 2 succeed upon and earned all of its emotional beats).

It’s not the worst film in the MCU (I mean it’s better than Iron Man 2 and Thor the Dark Bore), but’s nothing really special at the end. But Brie is still babe.

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