Her ★★★★★

Well I can safely say that Her is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary films of the last decade.

Spike Jonze's writing is absolutely perfect. It's one of the best written screenplays ever to be put on screen. The way he writes his characters and his storytelling all feels very natural upon itself and moves in an even pace where your interest on what's going on without nothing of un interest.  

Not only that, but his direction was also on point. He understands what's behind the camera with the gorgeous looking cinematography and how the movie is being told with it's even narrative.

Joaquin Phoenix was perfect as Theodore. The role could have been done very badly by another actor, but Phoenix found that perfect ground of bring his character into that optimistic persona feel that helped the movie to bring it's emotional feel on it's feet. As connecting to his character and what he's going in his life that I strangely connect with and how much his life reflects his life at the moment.

Plus you can totally buy the relationship with him and Scarlet Johansson as they both learn their own experiences on how they can find their view of what life is and the people who are there to support you in your daily life.

I also like the film's way of explaining on how technology can affect the way we express our feelings about the people we see and how it can block us from I interacting from the people in the real world. Which I think it's a great message to most of society today. With the social media be so big and almost everyone on it so much that it blinds the rest of the, Jonze does a brilliant job on showing that both visually and through the dialogue the characters are speaking. As well with the good message of how some people can change the way you experience different emotions in life and where you need that support in your weaker moments. 

I can say that Her is probably my favorite film of 2013. Now I adore Prisoners, but I thought that Her got the punch real go into myself much more. 

Through it's fantastic writing, great direction, fantastic performances, and how much it can touch on real life issues about love, life and the way we use Technology these days.

Of Course I highly recommend you guys to see this ASAP. Trust me, you won't regret it. It's one of my all time favorite films.

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