Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Llewyn is the cat

Yes. I watched this twice in a span of 24 hours. One of the best decisions I've had in my life. Now I can properly say what I need to say about this film.

This a highly effective film. Similar to Manchester by the Sea, this is a film that explores the groundnees of a person trying to deal with the pain within himself and finding what's his purpose in life. Something I can connect to on a personal note. 

The effective choice to make this fell more calm makes the personal jounrey of Llewyn feel more special, which is given credit to Oscar Isaac's transformative performance and the way he's written as a character. We understand that he isn't the best person to be around with, but we do understand his inner pain and get connected to him in a strange way.

But even with it's depressing tone, the film still manages to have its joy and entertainment thanks to it's fantastic soundtrack that I went out and downloaded for myslef, great performances from the rest of the cast, strong writing, excllent directing, and themes that hits home to a lot of people.

I'll find myslef to re watch this a lot in the near future. Maybe one of my new top 10 or 15 faves of all time. Dang.

If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it's a folk song

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