Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

Been wanting to watch these Maniac Cop movies for about a year for no particular reason whatsoever, so I’m glad Joe Bob covered them so that I finally got around to it.

I absolutely love that the inception of this movie was that Larry Cohen was like:
“You did Maniac. You should combine it with a cop movie. You should do Maniac Cop!” Hero-level brilliance!
Just imagine Larry Cohen talking to Steven Spielberg:
“You did Jaws. Make him a cop. Jaws Cop!”

Cordell is such an imposing slasher villain, I would love to have seen the 8th sequel, once they turned into basic junk and Maniac Cop is just stalking teens on vacation or something. 

A really rad movie with some legitimate suspense. I’m looking forward to watching the sequel, because I’ve been told I’ll like it more.

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