Captain Marvel

“I have nothing to prove to you.”

The Good:
Surprisingly enough the aspect I was most hesitant about was one of the highlights; Brie Larson’s performance. She really pulled off the role in a believable way and her chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson was what made the film.

I’m glad they took a different approach and to the typical origin story that’s been done to death. The interesting structure made the film more entertaining and appealing as a whole.

In my opinion, the best MCU films are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously when they don’t need to but don’t incorporate forced humor into the more seriously toned scenes. Captain Marvel executes this flawlessly.

The Bad:
While I enjoyed the origin aspect to the film the entirety of the remainder of the plot was so dull and unenjoyable as a whole. The whole time you could feel that the story was only there to have Avengers: Endgame make sense.

The action scenes were very poorly done and didn’t work for me at all. Not only was the editing laughable but there weren’t any stakes due to all the knowledge we already know about the series.

I found most of the editing to be headache inducing and it often cut off conversations too early.

Fun Fact:
The security guard Captain Marvel speaks to at the beginning of the movie is Marvel security director Barry Curtis.

Wouldn’t Recommend!

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