Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven

“I always thought that being alone was just something that a man had to put up with. It was like I just got used to it.”

The Good:
Days of Heaven is a an absolute visual feast. Every single shot is fantastic, the natural lighting is vibrant and gorgeous, and the silhouettes are stark. 

This was my first Terrence Malick film and definitely understand why he is so widely acclaimed, he is an absolutely phenomenal director. Everything is framed to a perfect degree.

Ennio Morricone crafts yet another masterful score in his accomplished career.

The performances weren’t anything special, but they were very competent.

The Bad:
Everything in Days of Heaven felt sort of underwritten. The charter arcs and plot developments all felt rushed and sloppy in my opinion.

All of the characters are very one dimensional and everything they do was quite predictable because of how little there is written about the characters.

Fun Fact:
The shot of locusts ascending to the sky was shot in reverse with the helicopter crew throwing peanut shells down, and actors walking backwards.

Would Recommend!

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