Fantastic Planet ★★★★½

“Terr loves Tiwa. Repeat.”

The Good:
The extremely detailed, intricate, and creative character and landscape designs are breathtaking. You can see the care put in to every frame. Each background & creature is more interesting and colorful than the one before it.

The score absolutely makes up for the scarce yet well written dialogue. Every track fits the tone and atmosphere of the scene and it’s surroundings so well. Each individual track is so unique & complex, while simultaneously being very re-listenable. 

The themes of obedience, ownership and free will are presented so well. They all come up naturally without being shoved in your face.

The Bad:
I genuinely wish Fantastic Planet was longer. I feel like the film gives no time for our protagonist to grow and breath while coexisting in this interesting story. Many parts of the film breeze by and you don’t get time to think about and reflect on major events, because the next major event is about to start.

Fun Fact:
The animation was started in Prague but had to be moved to Paris to avoid interference by the Communist authorities who were in power during production. 

Would Recommend!

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