Female Trouble

Female Trouble ★★★★½

“Davenport. Dawn Davenport! I'm a thief and a shitkicker, and, uh, I'd like to be famous.”

The Good:
Divine is one of the most interesting and committed actors ever. They have such great comedic timing. Divine goes so far above the call of duty in terms of what they’re willing to do for the part.

Female Trouble is such an amazing character study and commentary on so many interesting topics. They way Female Trouble tackles fame, beauty standards, crime, and social norms are brilliant. I will definitely go more in depth on said commentary as I am intending on rewatching Female Trouble in the very near future.

Female Trouble is one of the most hilarious and outrageous films I have ever experienced. It’s absolutely mind boggling that this was released in 1974. I cannot wait to experience more of John Waters and Divine’s collaborations.

The Bad:
There is some acting that is pretty tolerable and not too awful, but man, there are some actors that are atrocious. I really enjoy the actors that embrace the insanity, but some of the actors are awful and not self aware regarding the quality of they’re acting.

Fun Fact:
John Waters had Divine take trampoline lessons at a local YMCA; Divine was terrified about breaking his neck but managed to do the trampoline scene in one take.

Would Recommend!

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