Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread

“Kiss me, my girl, before I'm sick.”

The Good:
Anderson’s masterful script attempts to detect layer by layer an incredibly complex character. The way Anderson’s precise direction melds with his tight & intelligent script is phenomenal.

Greenwood’s expertly crafted score absolutely engulfs you throughout the entire runtime. Each track serves its own unique purpose. 

While Day-Lewis is delivering his all in this extremely complex character piece, don’t let Kriep’s performance go overlooked. Manville, while subtle, also pushes the plot forward in a phenomenal way.

The Bad:
I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the brief 15-20 minutes where I was quite uninvested in what was happening.

Fun Fact:
Day-Lewis stays in character during filming of his films, Krieps was told to refer to him as "Reynolds" for the duration of filming. In multiple interviews for the film, Krieps still referred to Day-Lewis as "Reynolds."

Would Recommend!

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