Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

yall mind if I treat this like my diary real fast OK ive been overwhelmed and mad stressed lately I got a new job this past month so ive been keeping busy and ive been happier staying busy but now school started this week and im TOO busy I’m mentally and physically exhausted tonight for the first night in weeks I had time to take care of me only 2 hours but ill take it (granted I shouldve been doing school work but I needed this) I always go back to this movie I didnt even finish it yet but I wanna log it now because my thoughts have been so jumbled lately my mind was so clear up until this past week I cant even focus on this after I got my tarot cards read that was the best ive felt and now it all kinda fell apart im trying to find my way back also my health is awful I thouGHT my life was going extremely uphill and then this week happened and completely fucked me up i need a day off :( WHEW ok I had to vent anyways I love miss lady bird I needed comfort watching this makes me feel like im being held

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