The Perks of Being a Wallflower ★★★★★

rewatching this film thinking about my tragic middle school 12 yr old self clinging onto this movie for dear life, and captioning all my tumblr posts with quotes from this movie and reblogging gif sets of the tunnel scene and trying to buy outfits that came close to the ones that sam wears and declaring to myself that when i went to college i would cut my hair in a pixie cut (i didn't thank god) and wishing i could go to rocky horror and feeling validated after hearing emma watson deliver the line "welcome to the island of misfit toys", the most cringeworthy words ever written in the history of screenwriting, and secretly hoping i would find friends like this in high school and finally allow myself to live my life free and unashamed and holy shit i know it's cliche and privileged and has some of the most quirky dialogue that it makes me physically recoil but this movie has such a distinct feeling and series of memories attached to it for me that rewatching it years later was such an emotional experience, im crying in the cringey nostalgia club right now

uh also forgot how sexy paul rudd is in this

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