Enola Holmes ★★½

Despite its colourful costuming, vibrant production design and exciting cast, if one were to ask me to identify the prime audience for Enola Holmes, I would certainly struggle. 

1. Don’t have your protagonist be a child if your primary plot device is too difficult for some younger audiences to even decipher. 

2. Don’t patronise your viewers with fourth-wall breaking banter if the violence of the story becomes too confronting for many children. Older viewers would have little appreciation for this - many of the jokes were stale and unnecessary. 

3. Don’t advertise your film as a playful adventure through Victorian England if it’s actually a 2-hour long drag through conversations, lazy satire and boring morality.

Harry Bradbeer’s first attempt at mainstream filmmaking is one of confusion, disappointment and atypicality. Kids will definitely have fun in parts, but good luck strapping them down to view Enola Holmes in a single viewing (I certainly couldn’t (and probably won’t ever)). 

2.5/5 Cornflakes 

(However, I would pay well above admission price to see a full Sherlock Holmes adventure with Henry Cavill as the lead - excellent casting).

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