Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

I think it’s about time I found a modern thriller film that I would consistently, voluntarily return to, just for the sake of a rewatch. My recent viewing of The Babysitter not only introduced me Samara Weaving and her obvious ability to be incredibly likeable with a duality of an aura of relative terror, but also reintroduced me to fun, exciting films of this genre that know how to divvy their budget accordingly to ensure not a single department or aspect is left behind. 

One of the first films I’ve seen in the ‘let’s run away from some psychotic characters trying to kill some innocent character in the confines of a home’ sub-genre, Ready or Not subverted and disregarded my expectations entirely throughout the entire play time. Character betrayals, unexpected gore and randomly placed (yet not unwanted) humour make this an instant classic. As I mentioned up top, Samara Weaving was front and centre this time around and did not disappoint. Talk about a perfect horror scream. When it was required, Weaving was charismatic and, if necessary, absolutely frightened. An element I can’t go past is how resilient her character was - an idea only heightened by her performance. Thankfully, Grace was an easy-to-root-for heroine that adapted and overcame the absurdist of obstacles and was the perfect lead in a story this absurd. 

The supporting cast was pretty alright, the standout being Mission: Impossible’s Henry Czerny. He was an absolute lunatic and totally ate up the scenery, of which was incredibly beautiful. Ready or Not carries with it an immaculate vibe - a candlelit mansion draped in creepy portraits and aged decor made for a visual feast that culminated with the practical homedy of the feature. With an obvious style, clever shots and an acute use of the physical environment, the filmmaking of this awesome thriller was most definitely above functional. 

Ready or Not may one day sneak into the upper levels of my favourite films of this genre. Everything the directors and writers tried to incorporate shone through with an undeniable flow that just straight up worked. I can finally add myself to the list of supporters of what was a terribly enjoyable 90 minutes.

4.5/5 Cornflakes 

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