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  • Moonlight Whispers

    Moonlight Whispers


    "Not too close, not too far away. The match depends on keeping the right distance.

    This is what pussy does to a mf.

    Kinda refreshing to see the high school romance idea take a different, more complicated turn. So close yet so far, desires based in twisted reverie.

    Also the soundtrack is just so beautiful, a shame its almost impossible to find

  • Tenet



    Speakers go BOOM BOOM VMM

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  • Minding the Gap

    Minding the Gap


    Minding the gap in my heart which exists because of this documentary.

    This was genuine and transparent; a look into the lives of three young men and how skateboarding has developed into a form of escapism for them. However it's much deeper than just skateboarding, it's dealing with life and the cards you've been dealt.

    It's not allowing the circumstances you were born into shape you forever.

  • Mother



    Perfect showcase of much cinematography can really make or break a film, this was smartly shot and the pay off is a captivating murder mystery which stretches the capacity of unconditional love.

    Feel like Hong Kyung-Pyo, the cinematographer, lays down the bones of what later will become Lee Chang-Dong’s Burning years later.