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  • Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

    Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


    Okay, so that was a movie.... 

    The opening scene is the only part of this that felt like a Wrong Turn and it also has the best kill. The rest of it feels like a Castle Freak / Cannibals mashup. It’s truly bizarre and not good. 

    Basically, if you told me this was the original Castle Freak remake script and instead they decided to include it in the Wrong Turn franchise it might make more sense. 

    Official best to worst ranking of the series: 

    1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 3 (6 and 5 are tied though)

  • Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

    Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines


    Back to mostly CGI splatter (except one decent scene which I guess is where they spent their effects budget) and back in the shit house.

    This follows a group of college students on their way to a music festival set to start on Halloween... West Virginia’s Mountain Man Festival... which sounds a lot more promising than it ends up. It was a pretty tedious watch but it was better than 3. 

    Also, the music choices are just bizarre. There’s a…

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  • Showgirls



    Showgirls will forever be in my top 10 favorite films and top 5 satires of all time.

    Paul Verhoeven is a lunatic and I love it.

  • 10 to Midnight

    10 to Midnight


    Charles Bronson really stepping out of his comfort zone for this role.

    Just kidding, it’s Death Wish 6. 

    Just as sleazy but a bit more horror/thriller adjacent with a serial killer that has to be naked for the kill.
    Great stuff.