Spring Breakers ★★

Utter trash. Harmony Korine is the literal definition of style over substance. How anyone pretend there's any deeper meaning to this is beyond me. 

Literally none of the characters other than Selena Gomez are likeable, but she dips from this trainwreck so quick (good for her). I mean, to be fair, for a character to be likeable they'd first have to be fleshed out at all or have any kind of personality and they don't, so...

Visually, Spring Breakers exceeds. The score by Cliff Martinez is great and the cinematography gorgeous. It's funny they got Martinez to do the score because there's clearly some Drive influence in the film's atmospheric moments but those moments really, REALLY drag. 

In fact, that's my biggest complaint of this film. It tries so hard to present itself as deep and compelling and winds up feeling so bored and lifeless. By the end of the film, you're supposed to cheer on these girls but once again, they aren't developed at all, so you don't care. For a movie called Spring Breakers, it certainly could've used at least some of the fun The Beach Bum had. 

In fact, this movie is so detestable and unlikeable that it's the kind of movie people would give half a star just for those reasons. And if I were having a worse day, I probably would. But I'm having an okay day, and Korine is a voice in cinema I wanna root for, but from what I've seen he's 0 for 2. Plus, that Britney Spears montage is a 5/5. 

So yeah...I really do not get the appeal for this. I mean...some of it I do. Like I said, the visuals are outstanding, but they don't have a solid story or a good script to support them. Maybe one day, I'll revisit this and find it more rewarding. But yeah, a 2.9 average definitely makes sense. 2.3/5.