The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

there really is something about being a kid, existing in your own world — a kingdom built upon a state of oblivion. i just remember so much of my childhood; i could close my eyes at any hour of the day and i could see it, so unbelievably clearly. colours were so much more vivid. the grass on our yard so green, paralleled to the sky so vast and blue. opening our washed up red gates and stepping out into the world. the hot sunshine prickling my skin. wandering aimlessly and just feeling on top of the world. that’s what the florida project captures so well: a kid’s untainted perspective.

yet there are a lot of harrowing and unpleasant circumstances that even our youth could grant us no immunity from, and these predicaments ultimately shatter that rose coloured picture — that rose coloured world we’ve built for ourselves. the florida project grants us a sense of this double-edged reality, and it’s as wholesome and magical as it is heartbreaking.

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