All the Right Moves ★★★

It’s also the 35th Anniversary of All the Right Moves. A feel good football story that is told through the of Tom Cruise, who really puts in a winning performance. Sure there is some heavy handed drama in this but it’s the strength of the performance from Tom Cruise that makes this shine. For a film that is 35 years old now, the only person gone is actor Chris Penn, who died in January of 2006 from an enlarged heart. Quite sad. He was also in Footloose that my wife and just watched this morning. He also be appearing in Rumble Fish, which I will watching the Criterion Ediiton of shortly. So too many people gone , only a few. Supposedly Leah Thompson does do the some nudity in this but supposedly Tom Cruise came to her defense. I do like the way he gets the full ride to his favorite college and everything works out for the best in this feel good football drama!