Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★½

Continued Birthday wishes for Kylie Minogue! She even gets to speak French and sing in this one as well! Plus they play one of her songs! I’ll be honest, I’ve watched this film like 3 times now and I’m still trying to process it. So Leos Carax was the director here and he basically has a cameo in this film as well. So his longtime collaborater Denis Lavant plays a whole host of characters in this in this film. Everyone from a old lady to some kind of deformed Dwarf to Mr. Oscar, who gets ferried around by Edith Scob and has to run some various tasks for a mysterious business. So we actually saw this film in the THEATER in November of 2012! So I do have to give it credit for that. I did appreciate some of the homages to silent films of the past and I also enjoyed the scene at the end where the limo’s all said good night to each other. That being said, just like in my review of We Are The Flesh that I did last March 9th, this film just gets too weirdly transgressive for it’s own good. I guess Mr. Oscar is assigned to assasimate some people who look like him as well. I can definitely see how some people might not be down with this film. It’s just WAY too transgressive for it’s own good. Just like in my review for We ARE THE FLESH, I think a 2 1/2 is fair for this one as well.

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