Mystic Pizza ★★★

You didn’t think, I misse the 30th Anniversary of Mystic Pizza now did you. We actually watched this film last wanted to give it a rewatch this morning. A perfectly fine romantic comedy that has 3 big things going for it! Namely Annabeth Gish (who is 47) Julia Roberts (I don’t know how I missed her 50 Birthday, which was back October 28) and of course Lily Taylor (51 now) of course being in Say Anything) which I’ve watched multiple times now. The Dad in this film (played by William R. Moses is 59! Of course a extra special appearance by the one and only Matt Damon! I do like the way that Julia Roberts is out for revenge! It’s certainly a pretty R Rated film as several F-Bombs get dropped throughout this movie. And I totally recognized this Conchata Ferrell from the show 2 and 1/2 Men! I do like the way the restaurant patron gives them a favorable review and everthing works out for the best in this brezzy, light and romantic drama!