Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Actually saw this yesterday at the discount theater. Once again I wasn’t quite so pleased with it. So Ron Howard too over here after the previous director’s had been fired from the project! This Alden Ehrenreich was a fun lead here as he moves into the role of Han Solo as he was quite good in the Cohen Bros. Hail Ceasar as well. This Donald Glover moved into the role of Lando. And it was nice too see Chewie back (although he’s played by a different actor in this one). There’s a fun sense of adventure to this film and this was my second Thandie Newton sighting in the past week as she was also in Mission Impossible 2! And how many movies is Paul Bettany gonna be in this year as he also in Infinity War. Which I may go see again! Emilia Clarke is in this thing. Naturally Woody Harrelson is in this as well. And I wasn’t expecting Ray Park to reprise his role as Darth Maul in this one! There’s just something about this one that didn’t quite click for me here. Oh well! Maybe I’ll give it another shot sometime!

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