Aftersun ★★★★★

“don’t you ever feel like... you've just done a whole amazing day and then you come home and feel tired and down and... it feels like your organs don't work, they're just tired, and everything is tired - like you're sinking. i don't know, it's weird.”

wow, this one is for the girls with daddy issues, huh? 

Aftersun is so incredibly authentic, tender and nostalgic it’s hard to believe it’s Wells’ debut. I’m such a big fan of slow and simple films that pack an emotional punch. (This one hurt me so bad I immediately needed a nap.) So many things impressed me in this: the timing significance of soundtrack, the sound mixing, the editing and cinematography - it’s truly such a well made piece of art. Paul Mescal was so fragile and haunting, and Frankie Corio was such a little powerhouse!

The way this captured knowing your parents are going through something dark and not knowing what to do about it, reflecting on the childhood image of your parents, and ultimately grief. On the flip side, from Callum’s perspective in the scene with the quote above you see Calum reacting to the realization that his daughter will likely suffer the same mental health issues he does.

 I’ll be thinking about the shot of Callum cutting of his cast while Sophie talks to him in the other room for a long time.

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