Aftersun ★★★★★

A few days back I watched The Whale and REALLY didn’t like it. It had me thinking a lot about what I do & don’t like in cinema. I’ve come to the realization that one of the most important things to me, when it comes to emotional films, is subtlety.  So many of my favorite films are extremely emotional and haunting, but they let you get there on your own. I’m such a big “show, don’t tell” viewer, I hate feeling like I’m being told how to feel and manipulated into crying, instead of quietly laying it all out and trusting me get there on my own. Aftersun is a masterclass in subtlety. It’s so incredibly effective in its slow & somber approach to the tragic story. The audience is never TOLD what Callum is dealing with, or what happens in the end, but through the writing, cinematography, and music we’re left with more than enough information to know.

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