Midsommar ★★★★

After seeing Hereditary last year and loving the shit out of it, I was expecting this to be my favorite movie so far this year. Unfortunately it didn’t get there. I really enjoyed the overall feeling and vibe this movie had and I’m always down for the weird culty stuff . But something was lacking. I feel like a lot of the plot points really didn’t have anything to do with anything else. It just didn’t feel cohesive.

But having said all that, I did mostly enjoy it. Ari Aster really likes making women cry. And not just regular cry but that guttural what the fuck cry. 

I’m still here for whatever Aster does next. Dudes definitely got some great directing chops.

Edit: I can’t stop thinking about this movie and digesting my thoughts and feelings. Not many movies stick with me like this and for that, I’m going to bump this up a half star. I want to watch it again and see if my opinion changes.

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