Venom ★★★★

Outside of Nic Cage, I’m not sure i’ve seen a leading performance in a major studio film this completely unhinged since Freddy Got Fingered; he even causes havoc in a fancy restaurant!

Tom Hardy‘s imploding all over the screen even before he’s infected with the Symbiote; upon becoming one with the parasite his neuroses is only amplified to the nth degree but they were already there, taking everyone he touches down with him, infecting everything with his patheticness

On a similar trajectory to Neo and Kevin Wendell Crumb, there’s something about Eddie Brock becoming something beyond, becoming post-human; he chooses to live with this parasite, they see something in each other (yes homo). Eddie Brock is Venom’s reason to live, Venom is Eddie Brock’s reason to live. Turn sickness into strength. Venom’s fight with Riot threatens to overload the screen in digital Brackhage-esque colours, infecting the audience; has a Marvel film ever come close to something this aesthetically beautiful?

fucking pissed myself everytime they referred to evil science dude as just Drake

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