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  • Oppenheimer


    The sound design in this is out of this world for me, it makes you feel things tbh. What matters most is not the sound rather the lack of it in key points that make you feel as if your heart stops and pin you to the moment and what's happening in the narrative. Technically a brilliant film but you do need significant knowledge in history around WWII to understand it (which is expected)

  • Barbie



    i literally have nothing to fault this movie for except Midge's dress not being the right colour

    laughed so much, then cried so fucking much..... then laughed in the midst of crying

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  • The Power of Silence

    The Power of Silence


    This is whiplash but wholesome <3

    Beautiful story and i cried several times, this man was an angel i hope he is resting in peace because he may very well be one of the only people who ever lived who really deserves it

  • Her Infidelity

    Her Infidelity


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    okay this is so bad i have to make topics
    1. 10 min in and it already failed the bechdel test
    2. the husband is a fucking cheating asshole and then surprise he's the good guy???
    3. the teacher is the creepiest guy ever yet it's still this big surprise when he stalks her
    3. she clearly doesn't want to fuck him but she still goes to bed with him??????
    4. she gets a text from an anonymous sender telling…