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  • Zoombies 2

    Zoombies 2


    K.D. You are the funniest character in an Asylum movie, the rest... I don't care, had fun!

  • Us



    I really wanted to like this, the acting is great, and it looks good, but it feels like another bad M. Night Shamalamadingdong movie, and it's a shame! It's just all over the place, predictable, and just loses track of it's own great ideas, throws them away along the road, and you just lose interest.

    Is Jordan Peele on his way to becoming the next Shamalamadingdong, I really hope not!

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  • Hacksaw Ridge

    Hacksaw Ridge


    "My bible, my bible"

    Too much religious Mel Gibson mumbo jumbo. If you cut it out you have a decent short film left, but this just reeks of Mel Gibson, and even great performances and pretty visuals can't make that tolerable for a 139 minutes runtime. Spoonfeeding the religious themes to the audience with blood and gore mr. Gibson is pretty annoying in the long run. (The religious part, not the blood and gore).
    It's a shame that it overshadows…

  • Skins



    There's no words in the world, that can describe this movie, but I'll try!

    If you have problems with your looks, then give this a go!

    I enjoyed this weird and disturbing movie.

    Those soothing pink and purple colours everywhere was a very nice touch, and helped all the madness settle down. It's a very beautiful movie all around, and with practical effects, that's just what I like to look at. It's a visual delight.

    In this movie there is:…