House ★★½

Surreal collection of stop-motion animations with a variety of media, including hand drawings, photograph collages, and what I guess could be found footage. Completely without dialogue or discernible plot, so what you get out of this really depends on what you're willing to invest in the symbolism and how much you enjoy strange animation.

IMDb suggests these animated sequences are the hallucinations of a woman who bookends each sequence. To me, I think it's trying to highlight how so much meaning in everyday things we see are only ever meaningful when we bring our mindsets to them, and how those interpretations can be difficult to reconcile with ambiguous frameworks. There's a sequence where a fighter appears to be mindlessly kicking and spinning, but then it adds in a competitor, and it's immediately obvious that he must have been fighting against him all along. It's surprising how when even a little guidance is taken away, such obvious things become complete nonsense.

Give it a look, it's only ten minutes. There's a bit where some hair chases an orange around a table. It reminds me of the bizarre sound room from Warioland 4, but that's just me.