“Wanda? Who’s doing this to you, Wanda?”

WandaVision, the beginning of the next phase of the MCU. A new fresh, innovative, creative, and brilliant way to take on characters we have grown to love. If you don’t know me, Scarlett Witch is my favorite comic-book character, so I was very excited to see this series, and it didn’t disappoint. It has some charm, flair, and a huge budget. Most of that budget will show during the latter episodes rather than these first two.

Those two episodes took inspiration from old sitcoms like ‘I Love Lucy’, ‘The Honeymooners’, ‘I Married Joan’, and ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’. Those were big and great sitcoms in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Although Elizabeth Olsen isn’t a Lucille Ball nor a Mary Tyler Moore, and Paul Bettany isn’t Desi Arnaz nor Dick Van Dyke, but their line delivery was spectacular. Thanks to their line delivery, the show turns out to be quite funny. I’m not a big fan of laugh-tracks, but that aspect is used here for the theme and tone that’s building itself up to.

If you haven’t seen an episode of ‘I Love Lucy’, well… It’s like that, but with superpowers. It’s supposed to be cheesy in a way, and I like it. It has a nostalgic feeling of the golden age of sitcoms. Elizabeth Olsen is sweet and charming as Wanda in these first two episodes, even though at the end of episode one (don’t worry I won’t go into spoilers), things tense up rapidly. Paul Bettany gets more to play within this film and does a great job with it. Showing more of his acting range than in the other films now that he’s the sole focus.

In conclusion, I had great fun watching these two episodes. In fact, I watched both of them twice today. This series has great potential, and Kevin Feige knows his audience well and a lot of surprises might be coming up in the next couple of episodes. Sweet and charming, this looks like another win for Marvel and Disney with a new innovative, fresh, and creative take on the comic-book characters. Can’t wait for the next episode. These two episodes were very adorable and warm.

P.S. Kathryn Hahn is fantastic in this series. She fits the role perfectly and she's just magnificent. A scene-stealer.

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