dont have "good" taste; luvr of the animated medium

Favorite films

  • Tale of Tales
  • Jennifer's Body
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Little Otik

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  • The Tale of the Fox


  • Vampyr


  • Watership Down


  • Whip It


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  • Eraserhead



    kafkaesque, and may i be so bold as to say, even lynchian

  • Little Otik

    Little Otik


    forgot to log this weeks ago when i watched it BUT this was everything i ever dreamed........ to the reviewers complaining it was too long it's like: were you not waiting on tenterhooks at the edge of your seat for another delightful shot of little otik himself in all his glory ??? had a lot of thoughts/good conversation i'm not going to sum up in its entirety here but one of my theories i wanted to put more thought into…