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WARNING: The reviewer of this review is a 100% Ryan Gosling fanboy, and he has a insane amount of love for him. So please be aware this review will be completely biased.

Tonight, in the BFI Southbank Centre, at 8.30pm, a journey of obsession, anticipation and love came to an end. I've followed Derek Cianfrance's "The Place Beyond The Pines" since the very beginning. I've been there since it was born. I've been there since it took it's first baby steps, said it's first words and grew it's first poster. And today, I witnessed my child leave home as a man. Yes, this a completely absurd metaphor, but it's true: I've followed the production of this film for a damn long time. So, it was always going to mean so fucking much to me when I sat down for the very first time and watched it.

It is by no means a perfect film, it has it's flaws, but I was blinded from them by the culmination of a journey. Many people see films as just a means of entertainment, many see them as art, as companionship, as a way of escaping from reality. I see a lot of films in those ways, but for "The Place Beyond The Pines", I see it as a part of my life. So, for my journey to culminate tonight, is both a happy and sad experience for me, as I finally let it go and move on.

It'd be impossible for me to have a rational approach to the film as it means so incredibly much to me, so all I'll say is this: "The Place Beyond The Pines" is epic and ambitious in scale, it's powerful, it's beautiful, it features some incredible performances, and it's made me want to be a better person. As I was sitting on the bus home tonight, the whole experience was replaying in my head, and I've no choice but to deem this one of my all time favourite films, because it's been a part of my "film life" for such a long time. Thank you Derek Cianfrance for not letting me down or disappointing me, your masterful film has turned out the way I hoped it would. Although it's your child, I still feel (in a somewhat weird way) like a father to it as I've watched it grow up.

Ryan Gosling is my favourite actor of all time, and there are no words to describe my feelings towards him in this. Yes, I'm completely a sentimentalist, and I'm fucking proud of it.

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