"Is gum food?"
"Well, my understanding is that it's purely for mastication."
"No, I don't do that."

Review for Episode 1 & 2.

Been looking forward to watching this because Wanda is one one of my favorite characters of all time from the MCU. And after episode 2, I'm more of a Vision fan, as well.

I liked that the first episode is modeled after The Dick Van Dyke Show and the second episode modeled after Bewitched. I'm really excited to see the third episode, since I hear it's modeled after The Brady Bunch and I actually watched that show growing up. The other two shows I did not.

I'm also so glad that this show is allowed to have more creative freedom than most MCU films. It's weird, funny and ominous. This is how you do it. Build a dedicated fanbase, then do whatever you want. It does look like later on in the season it gets more formulaic from the trailers, which I'm not the most excited about. So, I hope it still stays weird. And I'm hoping that more future MCU projects are just weirder and not as formulaic.

Really excited for the rest of the season.

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