Tenet ★★★★

Tenet is definitely Christopher Nolan most action packed film to date. In a way it is also not your “typical” Nolan film in the way you are used to either. It’s a high concept with high stakes when he takes on time-bending inversion espionage. He manages to pull it off even though some questions and certain details leaves you thinking and puzzled (like most of Nolan’s films per usual) afterwards.

John David Washington and Robert Pattinson’s chemistry steals the show in Tenet. It’s so good to see them both in a huge blockbuster film like this. Elizabeth Debicki remains a goddess but I wish she had a bigger or different role (if that make sense) in this. The score is also another highlight in Tenet, daaaaamn that pounding with the bass was the most intense thing ever to experience in IMAX. I also think this film definitely needs to be experienced in the IMAX format with the visuals, sounds design etc.

Tenet definitely needs a rewatch to figure and map everything out, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It dazzled and confused me at the same time. Like the quote from the film says ‘Don’t try to understand it. Feel it’ is probably the best and most accurate way to describe Tenet for me.

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