would rather see macDonald's, than macbeth

Favorite films

  • Full Moon in Paris
  • 2/Duo
  • Buffalo '66
  • The Days Between

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  • Father


  • The Secret of the Ice Cave


  • Days of Youth


  • Kids on the Slope


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  • Purification



    There isn't even a punchline in this one!

  • My Sister, My Love

    My Sister, My Love


    Though the stunted acting hampers the film from achieving the sublime catharsis of Blue, Ando's gentle hand redeems a premise that could have easily gone the route of vulgar exploitation in the hands of a lesser director. Owing to Ando's dignified approach to a thorny subject, one would certainly be remiss in viewing the film as an endorsement of incest. Any depictions of it are relegated to dimly lit interiors with unearthly palettes reflecting a palpable shame and sadness, and…

Popular reviews

  • A Scene at the Sea

    A Scene at the Sea


    Possibly the most poignant expression of humility and joy I've ever witnessed. If the greatest films are those whose self-effacing beauty (in both form and message) inspires genuine reflection and personal betterment, then A Scene at the Sea must surely rank among them. Finding one's own source of unsullied happiness and becoming one with it - perhaps that is what it means to truly live.

  • Stalker



    What is it that we fear most? Hardship and oppression; the immediate terror that lurks in the shadows of a desolate, colorless world? The unknown; disembodied voices, impossible geographies, and the Zone's unwavering gaze? In Stalker, Tarkovsky posits that perhaps the greatest fear of all is the fear of the self, and the inability to fully comprehend one's own nature. Perhaps the climactic rejection of desire should not be seen as an act of cowardice or fatalistic indecision, but of…