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  • The House That Dripped Blood

    The House That Dripped Blood


    This is my favourite Amicus film. Just by a hair though, as they have others that are exceptional also, especially From Beyond The Grave. A rare feat with an anthology film in that I love every tale here equally. From the creepy opening one, to the solemn, beautifully lit second with Peter Cushing, to evil kid section with my favourite part from Christopher Lee "Educational toys, not this!" and finally the humourous one with Jon Pertwee in his element as…

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  • The Beast Must Die

    The Beast Must Die


    This crazy whodunnit is my second favourite werewolf film. I love everything about it. Calvin Lockhart here is a fine specimen and his whole manner and voice is so dramatic, love!! The music whether it be the eerie tense times or the funky is all great to me. I am jiggling away on the couch everytime. The plot itself from that mad opening to harassing all of his guests to find out who the werewolf is, Calvin's outfits, Peter Cushing's…

  • The Blood on Satan's Claw

    The Blood on Satan's Claw


    Mildly disappointed with this watch. Still found it suitably weird and entertaining but through the middle parts found myself looking at the clock way too often. Not the quality film I remembered it as. Music's great for the most part. There were some bits that woulda fit more on Laurel and Hardy.

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  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship


    What a demented opening! Shame the rest was crap.

  • Halloween



    I've gone back and forth on which one I prefer of this or part 3 all my life. Doesn't matter, they're both bloody great and as cliche as it may be, the best way to end my Halloween night. Also wanted to use this spot to scream about how amazing it was to see John Carpenter in concert on Friday night playing a whole bunch of his stuff!!! One of the best nights of my life. If you ever get the opportunity, just go!!!