A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

Fab! :D Just noticing a few things that I hadn't before or have forgotten about as I haven't watched this series through since 2013. The first was how little Krueger is actually in this and just how effective that is in itself. Especially effective in how little he is actually in the kill scenes. The Tina and Glen deaths still look out of this world amazing. I'm going to watch the remake for the first time at the end of this run. It's hard to imagine them topping those.

Also this time around I just couldn't stop giggling at the mothers acting. I mean I always knew it was bad but wow! Did she come straight off of one of those awful American soaps or something. Just bonkers! Also she cracked me up with all of her bottles around the house.

Another thing is I think of him as just Fred in this one but while the majority of the time the characters call him Fred he himself refers to himself as Freddy a couple of times. Also I always think of him as very dark and serious in this one, and he completely is in the confrontation with Nancy towards the end which actually had my heart pounding like I was 7 years old again. But in the beginning parts he is very jovial. 'Come to Freddy muahaha'. I know it's nothing to the flat out comedy it will turn into tho.

Anyway I just had a great time with this yet again. I think this was the first slasher I ever saw or at the very least the first one that made a massive impact on me. I remember how it just wouldn't phase me watching it with friends but alone I was shit scared. So I'd do it again and again! What a thrill!

Oh and couldn't leave this without mentioning how great the effects and score are!

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