Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★½

I've always had a ball with this one. The kills are plentiful and fantastic especially asshole boyfriend bed splat. I like most of the characters especially Charlie. But most of all it just looks friggin' stunning. Dark rainy streets, dark lakes, Autumn leaves everywhere, corn rows party etc. The fighting between Freddy and Jason is grotesque. So much gooey fun. And that is when Freddy shines, he is hilarious in those parts. Love the ending too.

Up until the fighting though it does feel much more like an elm street flick with a bit of side Jason. Which I'm not complaining about too much as I prefer the elm street series anyway but coulda been a little more even. But what we do have of Jason is splattery goodness.

Downsides for me are the whole story and the narration to get the 2 of them back is really corny and Freddy's lines during that first half are quite repetitive. Plus the CGI blood drips and blood coming from under the door are so horrendous looking that it irritates me everytime.

This is the most I've ever enjoyed the Elm street series. Usually there's 1 or 2 I hate. Probably spoil it all Tuesday when I watch the remake for the first time!

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