The African Doctor ★★★

The movie is compelling and this is a golden story about a REAL honarable and insanely strong family  that managed to rise among all circumstances..... but it’s so problematic the way white directors make sad stories appealing to privileged audiences by romanticising suffering. 
This is NOT a happy ending. 
The movie is not “cute”, “charming” or “funny”. It’s profoundly sad and aggressive. 
This family lived an entire life under massive racism trying to prove everyone their right to exist. The man spent half of his life being directly humiliated and suffering from physical and moral violence because he wanted to WORK. He was -literally- almost murdered. 
These kids were denied a healthy carefree childhood and their mom had an entire life of having to put her dreams aside. 
This is not a beautiful story. This a honarable one. A story about strength, not happiness. 
It makes me angry to go through the comments and see people saying they’re happy with the movie “happy ending” saying it’s a “charming comedy” and really “sweet” I mean WHAT THE FUCK? 
It is scary -to say the least- that we still live in a world where people don’t feel disgusted by the fact that they had to fight that much to exist and work. 
That’s the problem with white directors romanticising these stories. They are not supposed to make you happy at the end. They should be making people disgusted, sad, REFLEXIVE over where humanity was and where humanity is going to be. 
Nevertheless, may we value, respect and honor  stories like this in order to make the world a better place. We still have a long way to go.