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  • Blood Diamond

    Blood Diamond


    leo's south african accent offended me but i appreciate the effort x

  • Joker



    ignore all the stories & go watch it for urself. i loved it. i understand why people didnt. but i LOVED it

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  • First Man

    First Man


    I swear I have cried at every one of damien chazelle’s films in the last few years. please let me rest damien 

    this film was so bittersweet and raw and focused more on his family than his trip to space which consequentially led to such a beautiful and vibrant ending 
    but also the space bits were insanely made and made u rly feel like u were inside 

    the film was different to other spacey films being so much darker lit…

  • Vice



    ppl r saying this film is bad??? bitch where

    this film had me laughing, had me angry, and had me so entranced for the whole two hours and I didn’t feel bored or overwhelmed with information. it might be biased, I don’t know, but it is so important to highlight what exactly is going on in US politics. so good, so well made, with really interesting ways it branches out to keep audience engaged (aka. golden retriever scene. you’ll know what I mean)