Frontier(s) ★★★★

Realizing that if films like Saw, Hostel, and The Devils Rejects were French then the type of horror nerd that hates them would suddenly turn around. You’ll hear these types who are really into the most grotesque of exploitation films from the 70’s being like “boy does that Rob Zombie have a potty mouth.” A film like this is a great example. If it were in English and Eli Roth’s name was attached to it in anyway it would be seen by them as utter rubbish. I guess they reject it anyway because it’s taking American horror and recontextualizing it without the perceived sophistication that its country of origin supposedly holds. In a sense it’s too blunt and “obvious”. There’s an aura of arty-ness that Martyrs and Inside have that this chooses to avoid. For me it’s just another great example in a sea of horror films from the 2000’s that reflect the political nihilism in the west of the time. It’s disgusting and schizophrenic. Like the embodiment of filth.

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